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  • Atlas | 25 March 2016

    The ESPON 2013 Programme continued pursuing the achievements attained by ESPON in supporting policy development with evidence in relation to territorial cohesion and the aim of a harmonious and balanced development of the European territory. 

  • Policy | 28 January 2016

    This is a supportive page of our

  • Featured Map | 15 December 2015

    Europe has witnessed an inflow of a large number of people over the last years. As a consequence of the geopolitical instability in the Middle East and Africa, migration and refugee flows towards Europe have increased with significant territorial impacts on European countries, regions and cities. This situation has resulted in the largest movement of people to European countries since the Second World War.

  • Featured Map | 21 September 2015

    Scenarios can be a useful tool to support policy-making. They can be used to communicate insights and discuss potential territorial developments, the impact of territorially relevant policies, and the political choices to be made. They can shape the mindsets of policy-makers. Territorial scenarios can enrich policy processes and help them to capture the long-term and become more effective and efficient by reflecting the territorial diversity of future developments.

  • Featured Map | 19 May 2015

    ESPON provided new territorial evidence on the urban system in Europe. In this context, small and medium sized towns as well as very small towns play an important role for territorial development. As the map shows, three main types of urban areas and towns can be identified in Europe:

  • Monitoring | 29 January 2015

    This publication provides brief, factual information on a selection of important key figures and main territorial trends affecting European regions, specific types of territories, metropolitan regions, cities and rural regions.

  • Monitoring | 29 January 2015

    The ESPON Monitoring Report presents territorial evidence on the progress Europe has made towards the orientations of the Territorial Agenda 2020. It also explores how the recent development trends may have contributed to the achievement of Europe 2020 objectives.

  • Evidence Briefs | 27 January 2015

    The ESPON Evidence Brief is a new, short and informative publication targeting policy makers and practitioners and building on main research results from recent ESPON p

  • Evidence Briefs | 27 January 2015

    Poverty and social exclusion concern all regions in Europe, irrespective of their economic situation. The Europe 2020 Strategy highlights the importance of delivering inclusive growth, giving strong emphasis to job creation and poverty reduction in Europe. The Strategy aims at fighting poverty and social exclusion with the headline target of “having at least 20 million fewer people in or at risk of poverty and social exclusion in the European Union by 2020”

  • Territorial Observations | 27 January 2015

    ESPON Territorial Observations aim at providing policy makers and practitioners with short and concise information on important new evidence to various dynamics of the